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Biotechnology pharmaceutical company focused on R&D

Since the foundation in 1975, PharmaKing has been devoted to researching new medicine, with the strong belief that there is nothing more precious than life and hope for disease-free world. As a result, in 1990, for the first time in Korea, we developed the hepatitis medicine Nissel Tab. and opened a new era of liver disease treatment. In 1998, the company patented a new medicine for liver disease treatmentand launched Pennel, which passed the phase 3 trial that is difficult for pharmaceutical companies,establishing itself as a R&D-oriented biotechnology company.

Determination to make a reliable, good medicine

There are countless people in the world who are suffering from a disease even now. They are desperate for good and reliable drugs and medicine that is effective for prevention and treatment. This is why we are focusing more on developing new medicine, which has shown by our second life science research institute that has been built in 2013 in Seoul after increasing our R&D investment continuously. We hope our efforts will bring hope to patients and contribute to health and happiness of the humankind.

Company that is committed to its essence and social responsibility

It has been almost 10 years since Taerim Pharmaceutical became PharmaKing. During that time, there have been many attempts, changes, and challenges. However, amidst all those changes, our goal is to be a company with solid foundation. That is basic and essential. With your support, we will always do our best and make effort for disease-free society, rather than pursuing short-term profits. Also, through in-company donation and various social activities that are conducted by voluntary participation of our employees, we will become a company that is indispensable in our society.

Please continue your support and attention. Thank you.

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