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Name PharmaKing Co., Ltd Business Pharmaceutical manufacture
Foundation May 11, 1975 Intellectual properties 9 patents
President Wanbae Kim Research organization 2 company research institutes

PharmaKing is devoted to new medicine development.

The company developed Korea's first hepatitis medicine Nissel Tab. and obtained patent for a new liver disease medicine (no. 137602) for the first time in Korea and launched the liver disease medicine Pennel Cap.
Pennel is one of the most-prescribed Korean medicine for liver disease and is exported to Vietnam, Egypt, etc. The export and number of importing countries are expanding every year.

Currently, PharmaKing is conducting various projects using natural substances based on abundant technologies, and developing new natural medicine to treat nonalcoholic fatty liver, gastritis and gastrointestinal diseases, and suppress the cause and progression of airway inflammation, especially acute and chronic bronchitis.

PharmaKing will continue to be committed to developing new medicine and supplying good medicine with positive mind, creative spirit, and passionate attitude.