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Major Research Results

Government-sponsored Projects

Project Title Period Relevant Department
Development of new drug for gastrointestinal disorders using PMK-S005 08.01.2012.~ 04.30.2015 Ministry of Knowledge Economy
Development of modified new drug for asthma that is made into nano by using solid lipid and supercritical fluid 03.01.2012 ~ 02.28.2014 Small and Medium Business Administration
Development and commercialization of health food for blood pressure control by using oyster 11.03.2011. ~ 11.02.2014 Ministry for Food, Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries
Development of MG formulation in alcoholic liver disease and phase 2 clinical trial to test its efficacy and safety 12.31.2011 ~ 12.30.2012 Seoul Metropolitan Government
Development of functional food for improving and treating degenerative brain disease 07.01.2011 ~ 06.30.2017 Gyeonggi Provincial Government
Development of new drug to treat fatty liver disease by using dithiolthione compounds 09.01.2010 ~ 04.30.2012 Ministry of Knowledge Economy
Composite material for nonclinical and clinical trials for development of new drug to treat gastrointestinal diseases 2010.12.16 ~ 2011.03.31 Chungcheongbuk-do Provincial Government
Profile research and material extraction according to the place of origin of crude drugs to develop natural-material-based medicine to suppress inflammation of acute and chronic respiratory diseases by using broussonetia papyrifera extract 07.01.2011 ~ 11.30.2011 Chungcheongbuk-do Provincial Government
Pharmacological safety test for development of new drug for gastrointestinal diseases 07.01.2011 ~ 12.31.2011 Chungcheongbuk-do Provincial Government
Development of natural-material-based medicine to suppress inflammation of acute and chronic respiratory diseases by using broussonetia papyrifera extract 04.01.2009 ~ 03.31.2011 Ministry of Knowledge Economy
Research on production technology project relating to a new standard and environmentally-friendly garlic oil that has efficacy for liver diseases 12.30.2009 ~ 04.29.2010 Chungcheongbuk-do Provincial Government

Independent Technology Development Projects

Project Title Period
Development of PMK-S005 material composition technology and distribution of product and data .02.01.2012 ~ 04.01.2013
Research on production of standard for PMK-S005 02.01.2012 ~ 01.31.2013
Efficacy of PMK-S005 for improving digestive diseases in a digestive disease model 03.01.2011 ~ 04.30.2012
Research on CYP inhibition of new drug candidate and CYP1A induction 03.12.2011 ~ 08.31.2011
Research on composition of amino acid derivative 11.15.2010 ~ 11.14.2011
Separation of active ingredient and marker compound of natural substance/ development of content analysis and analysis method 02.01.2009 ~ 12.31.2009
Animal experiment relating to anti-Helicobater effect of PMK-S005 in animals infected with Helicobacter pylori 01.01.2009 ~ 09.30.2009