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Present ~ 2005
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2013. 12
Presidential Award (Republic of Korea government venture enterprise activation Merit Award)
2013. Jul
Signed social contribution MOU (World Human Bridge)
2013. Jul
Built the 2nd Life Science Research Institute (located in Yangjae building, Seochogu)
2012. Sep
Patented PMK-S006 in Korea (no.: 10-1188746)
2012. Mar
GH quality certificate (Pennel Cap.) - KHIDI
2012. Fab
Broadcast by MBC Chungbuk Economy Success
2011. Jan
Registered Gamgok GMP factory to Yemen FDA
2010. Nov
Acquired the company building (Yangjaedong, Seochogu, Seoul)
2009. Dec
Established employee stock ownership association
2009. Nov
Awarded 1-million Export Tower (KITA)
2009. Jul
Selected as a top-class venture business - Chungcheongbukdo Governor (2012.01.26~2014.06.30)
2009. May
Eurocel exported to the US
2008. 01
Completed construction of Gamgok GMP factory. Moved head office/ factory
Opened Metropolitan Area Office (Seongnam,Gyeonggido)
2007. Dec
INNO-BIZ certificate -SMBA
2007. May
Began construction of GMP factory (Gamgokmyeon, Eumseong, Chunbbuk)
2007. Mar
Good Tax Liability Company Citation - Deputy Prime Minister/ Minister of Finance
2006. Nov
INNO-BIZ certificate -SMBA
2005. Nov
Moved Seoul Office (Samsungdong, Gangnamgu, Seoul)
2005. Jul
Changed name to Pharma King Co., Ltd (CEO Wanbae Kim)
2004 ~ 2000
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2002. Jun
Moved Seoul Office (Dogokdong, Gangnamgu, Seoul)
2002. May
Pennel exported to Egypt
2002. Mar
Good Tax Liability Company Citation - National Tax Service
2001. Mar
Good Tax Liability Company Citation - Seongnam Tax Office
2000. Dec
Top Ranking Company Certificate - KIBO (2000.12.11~2005.12.31)
2000. Sep
Eurocel (Hepatitis C treatment compound) patented in the US (registration no. 6,113,909)
1999 ~ 1990
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1999. Jun
Designated as export support company - EGSBC
1998. Sep
Launched Pennel Cap. with the new drug patent (no.137602)
1998. Aug
Designated as a technology deveopment business - Industrial Bank of Korea
1998. Jun
Venture Enterprise Certificate - R&D investment firm
1998. Apr
Approved as Gyeonggido Promising SMB
1996. Jul
Nissel exported to Vietnam
1994. Dec
Founded Taerim Life Science Research Institute (Current Pharma King Life Science Research Institute)
1994. Jun
Nissel exported to Hong Kong
1993. Apr
Selected as Korea Good Manufacturing Practice
1991. May
Opened Gwangju Office (Bukgu, Gwangju)/ Daejeon Office (Donggu, Daejeon)
1991. Apr
Lanuched Korea's first liver disease treatment Nissel Tab.
1989 ~ 1975


1988. Feb
Incorporated as Taerim Pharmaceutical/ CEO Sunbae Kim
1986. Oct
Moved Seoul Office (Seochogu, Seoul)
1984. May
Opened Daegu Office (Suseonggu, Daegu
1984. Mar
Opened Busan Office (Jingu, Busan)
1976. Feb
Moved the factory (Shinheungdong, Sujeonggu, Seongnam)
1975. May
Founded Taerim Industry/ CEO Sunbae Kim (Seonamdong, Jungwongu, Seongnam)