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R&D strategy

  • Focusing research area : liver/GI diseases (profit volume-up)
  • Market-oriented research and development(sales maximization)
  • Strengthening R&&D collaboration and strategic alliance (risk hedging)
  • Challenging new field for the future(risk taking)

R&D technology

  • Drug delivery system : slow-releasing, nanotechnology (improving BA) with venture research instituties (partnership)
  • Modernization of Phytomedicine : purification & standardization of extract with academic institutes (collaboration)
  • Formulation & Process development for drug quality & stability
  • Challenging new field for the future(risk taking)

R&D Projects

Short-term(1~2 years) Generic drugs Varsartan, Olmesartan, doxophylline, etc.
Middle-term(3-5 years) Improved drugs Liver diseases : PMK-M02GI1(ASH-combination)
GI diseases : PMK-N01GI2(Chemical)
Respiratory diseases : PMK-N02RS1(Natural)
Others : PMK-M01RS1(Nano-particle)
              OTC drugs/Medical device and Kit
Long-term(6 years~) Innovative drugs Antiaging; PMK-L01(chemical)
Alzheimer; PMK-L02 (natural)