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  • PharmaKing Gamgok
    GMP factory
    87-17, Haengguni-gil, Gamgok-myeon, Eumseong-gun, Chungcheongbuk-do
    (Tel) : 82-43-882-3501   (Fax) : 82-43-882-3502
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A leader of liver disease medicine, PharmaKing has built a state-of-art factory with solid formulation production system and
specialized cGMP-levelmanufacturing facility.

Gamgok GMP factory,
which is built on 17,160m2 and with two 4,300m2 buildings,

maintains high level of cleanliness of the entire manufacturing process by using HEPA filter, as well as adopting HVAC auto-control system, to compete with multinational pharmaceuticals in the future.

Also, cross-contamination and differential pressure management has been enhanced and normal and dehumidifying duct system is used for humidity-sensitive products

Gamgok GMP factory has installed a special GMP power train with excellent sealing to prevent external contamination, for the first time in Korea, and built all process with cGMP-level internal solid dosage forms manufacturing line.

The company is planning to enhance the consignment business through strategic cooperation with small and medium pharmaceuticals as well as bio venture businesses with weak production facilities, and also to build a new R&D center within the factory site.

  • Concept and layout design
  • Detail design
  • On-site presentation (public bidding)
  • Construction commencement
  • Land area: approx.. 21,870m2 – additional site (12,870m2)
  • Gross area: approx.. 4,460m2
  • Factory building and registration:
  • G.M.P application submission:
  • Building completion and foundation ceremony:
  • Pharmaceutical manufacturing and quality control assessment
  • GMP on-site assessment
  • GMP approval and normal operation